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Penetration of the pricing function among global Fortune 500 firms

  • Stephan M. LiozuEmail author
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Over the last 40 years, the pricing discipline has made tremendous progress in its organization and professionalization. More firms adopt progressive pricing approaches and invest in pricing technical tools. Progress has been made, but there is much more that is needed to bring pricing to the level of adoption seen in the supply chain and analytics functions. Very little is published on the level of penetration and adoption of pricing in general. In this paper, we conduct a thorough secondary research inquiry focused on assessing the level of penetration of the pricing function in global Fortune 500 firms. Our findings reveal a moderate level of penetration (22%) of the pricing function in these firms. The findings establish reference measures for future studies and provide benchmark information for pricing executives wishing to establish a pricing function and to justify greater pricing investments.


Pricing Pricing adoption Pricing penetration Global Fortune 500 



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