The Oxford Handbook of French Politics: an exceptional project led by an exceptional scholar

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When I first learned in 2011 from Andrew, then coeditor of French Politics, that Robert had been approached by Oxford University Press (OUP) to do a Handbook on French Politics and that he was interested in recruiting me to be one of the editors, my initial thought was “what a glutton for punishment” and then “typical he would send Andrew to first try to convince me.” My immediate response to Andrew was a clear “no way.” I was on my 6th year as coeditor of Political Research Quarterlyand had just finished codirecting the Research Network of Gender Politics and the State, a monstrous ten-year-long multimethods project on the impact of women’s policy agencies with 50 researchers and an output of 7 books and a dataset. Needless to say, I was not on the lookout for another long-term project. But alas, like most people who have worked with Robert, I was unable to say no and was soon convinced to enter into what became a 5-year exceptional journey that produced a very unique and...


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