French Politics

, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 375–379 | Cite as

French politics at 17: a tribute to Robert Elgie

Founding Editors

With its first issue appearing in March 2003, French politics in its 17th year represents a political science journal born at a specific time and place, in a specific intellectual context, with a clear purpose. The history of the journal reveals much about the politics of France, and the treatment of France as an outstanding case within the broader enterprise of comparative political science. Also, it illuminates the politics of the study of France and of political science in France, both topics that preoccupied the founding editors during their formative discussions about the nature of the journal.

At the annual conference of the American Political Science Association in San Francisco in 2001, the plans for the journal were consolidated. There, the founding editors, Robert Elgie and Andrew Appleton, first met with David Bull of Palgrave and walked him through the draft proposal for the journal. The choice of Palgrave was not accidental; the newly launched academic press had come out...



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