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Book review for “The High Cost of Good Intentions”

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Book Review

John Cogan, a fellow at the Hoover Institution and faculty member at Stanford University’s Public Policy Program, has written “The High Cost of Good Intentions,” which provides a detailed history of U.S. entitlement programs. The book’s coverage spans the beginnings of U.S. entitlements with the pension benefits provided to Revolutionary War veterans through the present, with the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid benefits expansion. It will surely be of interest to academics, policymakers, and the members of the public with concern for the consequences of entitlements in the United States.

The book’s introduction draws the reader in by describing the current scope of U.S. entitlements. First, acknowledging that these programs have had important positive impacts, including helping veterans, greatly reducing poverty among retirees, and giving needed assistance to countless Americans in economic distress, the introduction also details the fiscal enormity of these programs as a whole. Cogan...

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