Place Branding and Public Diplomacy

, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 235–246

Recipes for gastrodiplomacy

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DOI: 10.1057/pb.2012.17

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Rockower, P. Place Brand Public Dipl (2012) 8: 235. doi:10.1057/pb.2012.17


Gastrodiplomacy, how countries conduct cultural diplomacy through promotion of their cuisine, is an increasing popular strategy for public diplomacy and nation branding. The author examines gastrodiplomacy as a strategy of middle powers trying to create better brand recognition. Numerous middle powers have invested significant capital resources in culinary diplomacy projects to enhance global awareness of their respective cultures as a means to further nation brand status and soft power. This article outlines theoretical distinctions of gastrodiplomacy. It analyzes the strategy and tactics of a variety of gastrodiplomacy campaigns conducted by a range of middle-power states, and examines gastrodiplomacy in the context of people-to-people engagement.


gastrodiplomacy public diplomacy cultural diplomacy nation branding soft power 

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