Security Journal

, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 284–292

Responding to Alcohol-Related Crime and Disorder in England and Wales: Understanding the Government's ‘Blitz’

  • Gavin Dingwall

DOI: 10.1057/

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Dingwall, G. Secur J (2007) 20: 284. doi:10.1057/


In a much-publicized attempt to reduce “alcohol-related” crime and disorder, the Government in England and Wales have radically reformed the licensing of alcohol and have introduced a range of other measures designed to curb problematic drinking. This article aims to analyse why “alcohol-related” crime and disorder came to dominate the criminal justice agenda at that time and why so radical a response emerged despite the extensive concerns of professional groups and the adverse experience of some other jurisdictions that have adopted similar strategies.


policing strategy disorder alcohol-related crime governmental strategy Licensing Act 2003 

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  • Gavin Dingwall
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  1. 1.De Montfort University, The GatewayLeicesterU.K.

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