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The country brand as a new challenge for Poland

  • Magdalena FlorekEmail author


The main objective of this paper is to present in the case of Poland the complexity and multidimensionality of the branding process and how it differs from branding products and companies. This paper explains a number of reasons why Poland needs a strong country brand. The basis of a nation's strength in its brand is the creation of core brand identity, the basis upon which it is possible to build opinions and attitudes among prospective receivers. The author's example illustrates the importance of such a brand essence. The paper explains the tools as well as the determiners of country brand implementation. It concludes that in the case of Poland the most important challenges include coordination between organisations responsible for and influencing country branding, collaboration between private and public sectors as well as between particular territorial units, financial backing and finally the fulfilment of the Poland brand by the people of the country.


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