Limits of security, limits of politics? A response

  • Claudia Aradau


My article, ‘Security and the Other Scene: Desecuritization And Emancipation’ has triggered reactions to the political claims it put forth. The most controversial claim — in the eyes of the critics — was the formulation of the impossibility to think security only analytically, outside any political project. The other main criticism concerned the concept of politics formulated in the article. In my response, I argue first that political decisions are necessary to cut across the ‘indiscernability of knowledge’. Moreover, security is the political concept par excellence, as it entails questions about the politics that we enact. Second, I expose the closure that Schmitt's concept of the political entails for our possibilities of thinking a different politics.


analysis emancipation politics security theory 


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  • Claudia Aradau
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  1. 1.Department of War StudiesKing's College London, Centre for International RelationsStrandUK

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