‘I wouldn't start from here’: Finding a way in CRM projects



Most customer relationships management (CRM) projects fail, with millions of pounds wasted. As CRM is getting more complex it is not going to get any easier to make projects work and companies are already not particularly robust in the way they manage customers, even though the prize is large. These two points put new pressures on project managers. Managers need to know, in as much detail as possible, where they are coming from and be more flexible about where they are going. A typical scenario is, in reality, that the plan is often set in stone and the starting point is vague. This paper discusses how to improve project management by prioritising activities based on factors most likely to affect performance and how to keep projects short and business focused. It is the programme rather than the project that should be managed.


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  1. 1.Chairman of specialist customer management consultancy QCi Ltd.
  2. 2.Senior lecturer in marketing, De Monfort University

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