International Politics

, Volume 38, Issue 3, pp 357–374 | Cite as

A Disaggregated World Order in the Making: Policy Towards Failed States as an Example

  • Hans-Henrik Holm


The Western policy towards failed and failing states has changed dramatically since the end of the Cold War. The change of policy is described as a development from a policy of universal involvement and commitment, through a regional policy to what may be described as a policy of disaggregation. It is argued that the resulting disaggregated world order consists of different “sites” where policy in each individual case of a failing state is shaped. This stands in stark contrast to the situation during the Cold War. In this article, a different perspective is given on the nature of the change in and of the international system. Disaggregation is suggested as a useful concept for analyzing policy.


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  1. 1.Danish School of Journalism, Aarhus, Denmark/European University InstituteFlorenceItaly

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