Corporate Reputation Review

, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 19–35 | Cite as

Dealing with Stakeholders: How Reputation, Credibility and Framing Influence the Game

  • John F Mahon
  • Steven L Wartick


Reputation is clearly a growing area of research and practitioner interest. Models that assist in our understanding of research and that aid practitioners in managing reputation are to be encouraged. In this paper, a model of reputation formation is proposed and the notion of reputation in issue, stake-holder, and process areas is addressed. Examples of these elements of reputation are offered, to help sharpen our understanding of reputation in action. In addition, the impact of credibility and framing on reputation is closely reviewed. Credibility refers to the organization's past history and how it develops reputational expectations over time. Framing is a process of ordering beliefs around an issue. In this paper, three questions are raised for consideration and suggestions are offered for further research and practitioner action.


reputation image identity brand stakeholder communications intangibles philanthropy advertising positioning corporate branding e-communication 


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  • John F Mahon
    • 1
  • Steven L Wartick
    • 2
  1. 1.University of Maine
  2. 2.University of Northern Iowa

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