Journal of Brand Management

, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 421–445 | Cite as

The marketing advantages of strong brands

  • Steve HoefflerEmail author
  • Kevin Lane Keller


Building strong brands has become a marketing priority for many organisations. The presumption is that building a strong brand yields a number of marketing advantages. In this paper, a comprehensive summary of empirical findings is provided from some of the major marketing journals that reveal how brand strength, operationalised in various ways, can create differential responses by consumers to various marketing activities — a well-accepted view of brand equity. Additionally, some underlying theoretical mechanisms on which these findings are based are identified and organised. Lastly, some current gaps in the literature are identified, and an agenda put forth for future research on the marketing advantages of strong brands.


brand valuation equity electronic management e-branding e-tailing management international Internet marketing measurement personality consumers advertising fast moving consumer goods FMCG brand-building strategy 


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