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From bananas to buttocks: The Latina body in popular film and culture

  • Leticia Alvarado
Book Review

Myra Mendible (ed.) University of Texas Press, Austin, TX, USA, 2007, paperback, 323pp., $24.95, ISBN: 978-0292714939

From Bananas to Buttocksbuilds on the work of cinema, media, performance, and popular culture scholars (some of whom have contributed essays to this tome) to further the “fertile” mining of representations of the Latina body. As the title of the book suggests, the essays presented are situated within a genealogy of scholarship demarcated by the twin goal posts of tropicalization, for which Carmen Miranda's star text provides the most popular case study, and bodily excess, centered on the study of the hyper-sexualized Jennifer Lopez. Extending Judith Butler's notion of performativity to posit Latinidad as “building on the assumption that ethnic groups are constituted through various classificatory, discursive acts and corporeal exchanges” (3) along with the feminist assertion that “woman” is a social construction, the stated goal of this collection of essays is one of...

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