International Politics Reviews

, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp 19–29

US counterterrorism measures since 9/11: The politics and morality of law and exception

  • Samuel Mutter
Review Article

DOI: 10.1057/ipr.2014.5

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Mutter, S. Int Polit Rev (2014) 2: 19. doi:10.1057/ipr.2014.5


Despite the proliferation of studies concerning 9/11, the academic field struggles to find a coherent framework within which to position arguments over terrorism and the measures to which it has given rise. The political, moral and ethical sensitivities of these topics – especially heightened in the United States– have become manifest as an uncomfortable, ambiguous relation between governance and the production of knowledge. The scholarship reviewed here reflects upon this relation at different times and from different perspectives, and as such takes on a new significance when explored comparatively.


USA terrorism security exception law 

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  • Samuel Mutter
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