International Politics

, Volume 46, Issue 2–3, pp 115–118 | Cite as

Beyond Bush: A new era in US foreign policy?

  • Timothy J Lynch
  • Trevor B McCrisken

Barack Obama was elected 44th President of the United States on an agenda of change. In foreign policy, there is immense expectation both within and outside the United States that the new Obama administration will move beyond many of the objectives and particularly the methods of the administration of George W. Bush. A core objective of President Obama is to restore the ‘moral authority’, prestige, power and good standing of the United States globally. Obama seeks to achieve this revival by placing greater emphasis on diplomacy than his predecessor, by exhibiting a greater willingness to work with allies and by promising a more nuanced approach to facing the challenges of adversaries.

In terms of style, presentation and the instruments to be used, the Obama administration looks set to mark a sea change in US foreign policy after 8 years of Bush. Indeed, what makes Obama so appealing to many US voters and to millions of people around the world is that he is regarded as the ‘anti-Bush’....


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  • Timothy J Lynch
    • 1
  • Trevor B McCrisken
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute for the study of the Americas, University of London, Senate HouseLondon
  2. 2.Politics and International Studies, University of WarwickCoventry

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