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anti-trafficking campaigns: decent? honest? truthful?

  • Rutvica Andrijasevic
  • Bridget Anderson
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A passenger arriving at London airports and passing the immigration check is greeted by anti-trafficking posters that tell the story of deceit and forced prostitution and call on passengers to seek help from the immigration officers in case they have been brought into the UK against their will. Once in the UK, one is confronted with similar campaigns but this time of a slightly different message; a campaign such as Blue Blindfolds calls on the general public across the UK to share any suspicions or information on cases of trafficking with the police or the Home Office.1During the last decade, anti-trafficking information campaigns have played a prominent part in anti-trafficking policies throughout Europe. They have for the most part been launched in migrants' counties of origin with the idea of warning migrants about the dangers of irregular migration. Scholars have taken interest in those campaigns and argued that despite the best intentions, such campaigns aimed at reducing...


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  • Rutvica Andrijasevic
  • Bridget Anderson

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