European Political Science

, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 1–6

Introduction: International Climate Politics Beyond the Copenhagen Disaster

  • Ingolfur Blühdorn

DOI: 10.1057/eps.2011.6

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Blühdorn, I. Eur Polit Sci (2012) 11: 1. doi:10.1057/eps.2011.6


As the primary emphasis in international climate politics has shifted from the agenda of mitigation of to that of adaptation to global warming, this introduction describes the UN COP15 summit in Copenhagen as the symbolic turning point towards what is conceptualised as the politics of unsustainability. The article sketches the meaning of the concept, provides a common framework for the more detailed analyses that follow and outlines the research agenda for the symposium that is portrayed here.


international climate politics COP15 Copenhagen politics of unsustainability 

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  • Ingolfur Blühdorn
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of European StudiesUniversity of BathBathUK

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