Comparative European Politics

, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp 696–703 | Cite as

Indices of immigrant rights: What have we learned, where should we go?

  • Ruud Koopmans
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Debates about indexing immigrant rights focus on two aspects: validity and reliability, on the one hand, and parsimony and dimensionality, on the other. This contribution argues that reliability levels are generally satisfactory. Regarding validity, the measurement of rights should not be confused with the analysis of their institutional and motivational roots. Future research should empirically demonstrate the existence of theoretically assumed dimensions. It is also highly desirable to extend research beyond Western Europe and the Anglo-Saxon immigration countries.


citizenship immigration multiculturalism rights index-building 


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  • Ruud Koopmans
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  1. 1.WZB, Berlin Social Science Research CenterBerlinGermany

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