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Authoritative governance: Policy-making in the age of mediatization

  • Lars Nord
Book Review

Maarten A. Hajer Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009, 274pp., £40, ISBN: 978-0199281671

When the long-time ruling Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak speaks to the people late in the evening 10 of February 2011, he suddenly speaks without authority. Not so much because of what he says, as because of when, where and to whom he speaks. His bleak and static appearance in old style state television definitely comes too late, and completely ignores the demands for his resignation articulated during more than 2 weeks of popular uprising in the country. Meanwhile, the dramatic events have been instantly covered by international media and intensively discussed in different social media on digital media platforms such as mobiles phones and the Internet.

The popular uprisings this year in the Middle East and North Africa could illustrate some of the basic problems with authoritative governance in contemporary societies discussed in this book, even if these countries of course differ in many ways...

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