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Public management and the metagovernance of hierarchies, networks and markets. The feasibility of designing and managing governance style combinations

  • Judith van der Veer
Book Review

Louis Meuleman Springer International, Heidelberg, 2008, 401pp., €109.95, ISBN: 978-3790820539

The concept of governance is increasingly used in the literature on public administration, resulting in a vast body of European literature that stresses the importance of networks and markets as steering modes besides hierarchical structures. Although it is a widely held general belief that today's public sector organizations are managed through a mixture of three different ideal-typical steering modes (hierarchy, market and network), not many scholars have succeeded in conducting strong comprehensive and thoughtful empirical studies of the conflicts and synergies among them. Louis Meuleman's doctoral thesis, Public Management and the Metagovernance of Hierarchies, Networks and Markets. The Feasibility of Designing and Managing Governance Style Combinations clearly is an effort to comprehensively understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of governance mixtures from the standpoint of public managers.


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