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The Identity Consolidation Inventory (ICI): Development and Application of a Questionnaire for Assessing the Structuralization of Individual Identity

  • Steven Samuel
  • Salman Akhtar
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  1. Identity in the Contemporary World


This paper describes the author's effort to develop a self-rating scale to measure the consolidation of identity in a given individual. It describes the construction of the 35-item Identity Consolidation Inventory (ICI) and, as an appendix to the paper, includes the final version of this questionnaire. The scale's reliability and validity are demonstrated via its administration to 238 normal controls, 80 individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and 13 subjects with Dissociative Identity Disorder (“multiple personality”). The clinical and research usefulness of ICI lies in the realm of discerning the syndrome of identity diffusion that underlies all severe personality disorders.


identity identity diffusion identity consolidation inventory 


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  1. 1.Thomas Jefferson University HospitalPhiladelphia

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