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What predicts medical student career choice?

  • Dale A. Newton
  • Martha S. Grayson
  • Theodore W. Whitley
Brief Report


The literature on medical student career choice has identified several influences that can be categorized as student demographics, medical school characteristics, students’ perceptions of specialty characteristics, and student-held values. A logistic regression model that included demographics, medical school, and student-rated influences as a proxy for perceptions and values was used to determine their relative contribution to student career choice for three consecutive cohorts of senior medical students attending two schools (n=649). This model identified a positive relation between choice of primary care career and both student-rated influences and one student demographic characteristic, but not between career choice and school attended. Variables positively correlated with primary care career choice were related to working with people and marital status. Negatively correlated variables were related to income and prestige.

Key words

medical students career choice student demographics student-held values medical school characteristics 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Dale A. Newton
    • 1
  • Martha S. Grayson
    • 2
  • Theodore W. Whitley
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept. of PediatricsEast Carolina University School of MedicineGreenville
  2. 2.New York Medical CollegeValhalla

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