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CRISPR–Cas in the laboratory classroom

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From Nature Microbiology

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CRISPR–Cas is an adaptive immune system found in Bacteria and Archaea that confers sequence-specific protection against invasion by foreign nucleic acids. CRISPR–Cas is also a powerful tool for microbiology education and has been an inspiring model for our students for the past three years.

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We are grateful to S. Charette, B. Conway, A. Culley, A. Darveau, C. Duchaine, A. Hynes, M.-L. Lemay and L. Saucier for critical reading. We also thank M. Dion and A. Renaud for their comments on their experience attending the course. S.M. acknowledges funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Discovery program). S.M. holds a T1 Canada Research Chair in Bacteriophages.

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