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RAL: An Algebra for Querying RDF


To make the World Wide Web machine-understandable there is a strong demand both for languages describing metadata and for languages querying metadata. The Resource Description Framework (RDF), a language proposed by W3C, can be used for describing metadata about (Web) resources. RDF Schema (RDFS) extends RDF by providing means for creating application specific vocabularies (ontologies). While the two above languages are widely acknowledged as a standard means for describing Web metadata, a standardized language for querying RDF metadata is still an open issue. Research groups coming both from industry and academia are presently involved in proposing several RDF query languages. Due to the lack of an RDF algebra such query languages use APIs to describe their semantics and optimization issues are mostly neglected. This paper proposes RAL (an RDF algebra) as a reference mathematical study for RDF query languages and for performing RDF query optimization. We define the data model, we present the operators to manipulate the data, and we address the application of RAL for query optimization. RAL includes: extraction operators to retrieve the needed resources from the input RDF model, loop operators to support repetition, and construction operators to build the resulting RDF model.

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