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Age and Physiological Condition of Donor Plants Affect in vitro Morphogenesis in Leaf Explants of Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa


A protocol for in vitro shoot regeneration from leaf discs of Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa is described. The effect of explant source on morphogenesis was studied by comparing the response of explants collected from young plants, in vitro plantlets, and reinvigorated adult plants. Highest de novo shoot production was observed in explants from 2-month-old plants cultured in Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with sucrose 30 g l−1, 4.44 µM benzyladenine, and 2.32 µM kinetin. Regenerated shoots rooted spontaneously in growth regulator-free medium and were successfully acclimatized to greenhouse conditions. Influence of the age and physiological state on shoot regeneration and gradual loss of morphogenic capacity is discussed.

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Becerra, D., Forero, A. & Góngora, G. Age and Physiological Condition of Donor Plants Affect in vitro Morphogenesis in Leaf Explants of Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa . Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 79, 87–90 (2004).

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  • in vitro plant regeneration
  • maracuya
  • organogenesis
  • yellow passion fruit