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Chunk and Permeate, a Paraconsistent Inference Strategy. Part I: The Infinitesimal Calculus


In this paper we introduce a paraconsistent reasoning strategy, Chunk and Permeate. In this, information is broken up into chunks, and a limited amount of information is allowed to flow between chunks. We start by giving an abstract characterisation of the strategy. It is then applied to model the reasoning employed in the original infinitesimal calculus. The paper next establishes some results concerning the legitimacy of reasoning of this kind – specifically concerning the preservation of the consistency of each chunk – and concludes with some other possible applications and technical questions.

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Brown, B., Priest, G. Chunk and Permeate, a Paraconsistent Inference Strategy. Part I: The Infinitesimal Calculus. Journal of Philosophical Logic 33, 379–388 (2004).

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  • chunking
  • infinitesimal calculus
  • paraconsistent logic