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An Analytical Equation of State for Alkaline Earth Metals


In this work, an analytical equation of state based on statistical mechanical perturbation theory, which was initially developed for normal fluids and can be applied to predict the PVT data for saturated liquid alkaline earth metals, is presented. The equation of state is that of Ihm, Song, and Mason, and the temperature-dependent parameters of the equation of state are calculated from a corresponding-states correlation as functions of the reduced temperature. Two scaling constants are sufficient for this purpose, the surface tension and the liquid density at the melting point. The equation of state is used to predict the saturated liquid density of molten alkaline earth metals from the melting point up to 2000 K, for which experimental data exist, within an accuracy of 5%.

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Moghadasi, J., Boushehri, A., Maftoon, L. et al. An Analytical Equation of State for Alkaline Earth Metals. International Journal of Thermophysics 25, 901–908 (2004).

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  • alkaline earth metals
  • correlation
  • equation of state
  • liquid density
  • surface tension