Environmental Biology of Fishes

, Volume 70, Issue 4, pp 363–372 | Cite as

Out-migration of Tagged Fishes from Marine Reef National Parks to Fisheries in Coastal Kenya

  • Boaz Kaunda-Arara
  • George A. Rose


We evaluated movements of 25 species of coral reef fishes from Malindi and Watamu Marine National Parks (created 1968) in coastal Kenya from February 2001 to March 2002. Only three species, the commercially important whitespotted rabbitfish, Siganus sutor, the sky emperor (SEM), Lethrinus mahsena and the trumpet emperor, L. miniatus, exhibited consistent movements from the parks. At Malindi Park, more fishes were recaptured by fishermen off a fringing reef than off a patch reef. The rabbitfish had a higher monthly spillover rate from the fringing reef than from the patch reef. In contrast, the SEM had low monthly spillover rates from both reefs. The rabbitfish moved greater distances off the fringing reef than off the patch reef. At Watamu Park, the SEM, L. miniatus and the gold-spotted sweetlips, Gaterin flavomaculatus, had equal monthly spillover rates. In contrast, the rabbitfish had a lower monthly rate. The emperors showed no difference in net distance moved from the park boundary, however, L. miniatus traveled significantly longer distances than did the SEM. Distances between release and capture sites were either random (SEM), increasing (L. miniatus), or decreasing (rabbitfish) with respect to time at liberty.

coral reef fishes marine reserves spillover rates movement patterns tag loss patch and fringing reefs 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Boaz Kaunda-Arara
    • 1
  • George A. Rose
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of FisheriesMoi UniversityEldoretKenya
  2. 2.Fisheries Conservation ChairMarine Institute of Memorial UniversitySt. John'sCanada

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