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Synthesis and Some Colloidal Properties of Hydrosols Prepared by the Hydrolysis of Copper(II) Nitrate


The synthesis of hydrosols of copper(II) basic salts by the hydrolysis of copper(II) nitrate in the presence of ammonia was developed. A pH range and an optimal molar ratio [Cu2+] : [OH] = 1.1 : 1.0, at which hydrosols stable with respect to sedimentation were formed, were determined. The average hydrodynamic radius of dispersed phase particles ranging from 220 to 280 nm was measured by the photon correlation spectroscopy. It was shown that the hydrosols can be stabilized by poly(vinyl alcohol), and its optimal concentration providing their aggregation stability was determined. The thresholds of fast coagulation of the initial and stabilized hydrosols in the presence of potassium chloride and ammonium sulfate were found.

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Yarovaya, O.V., Kienskaya, K.I. & Nazarov, V.V. Synthesis and Some Colloidal Properties of Hydrosols Prepared by the Hydrolysis of Copper(II) Nitrate. Colloid Journal 66, 367–371 (2004).

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