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Search for Circumstellar Disks Around Herbig Be Stars


We have carried out a high-sensitivity search for circumstellar disks around Herbig Be stars in the continuum at 1.3 mm and 2.7 mm using the IRAM interferometer at the Plateau de Bure (PdBI). We report data on three Herbig Be stars MWC1080, MWC137 and R Mon. We have observed two of them, MWC137 and R Mon, in the continuum at 0.7 cm and 1.3 cm using the NRAO Very Large Array (VLA). This allows us to build the complete SED at mm and cm wavelengths and fit a simple disk model. We report the detection of circumstellar disks around MWC1080 with M d = 0.003M and R Mon with M d = 0.01M . A significant upper limit to the mass of the circumstellar disk around MWC137 has been obtained. Our results show that the ratio M d/M * is at least an order of magnitude lower in Herbig Be stars than in Herbig Ae and T Tauri stars.

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Fuente, A., Rodríguez-Franco, A., Testi, L. et al. Search for Circumstellar Disks Around Herbig Be Stars. Astrophysics and Space Science 292, 465–468 (2004).

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  • pre-main sequence stars
  • circumstellar matter
  • radio continuum