Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 291, Issue 1, pp 85–96

Study of photoelectric observations of the eclipsing binary system FZ-Delphinus

  • M.A. Hanna
  • N.S. Awadalla

DOI: 10.1023/B:ASTR.0000029995.26851.00

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Hanna, M. & Awadalla, N. Astrophysics and Space Science (2004) 291: 85. doi:10.1023/B:ASTR.0000029995.26851.00


Photoelectric observations in B and V for the FZ Del system are presented and its light curves are analyzed. Absolute parameters are obtained. The system shows a near contact subgaint secondary component with a likely K1 spectral type. The O-C curve is presented and probably a secular orbital period variations is detected on a timescale of about 6.9×106 yrs, suggesting thermal timescale mass transfer. A new light elements for the system have been obtained. The system can be considered as an early stage of conservative case of mass transfer.

binary stars eclipsing close photometry light curve absolute parameters FZ-Del 

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Authors and Affiliations

  • M.A. Hanna
    • 1
  • N.S. Awadalla
    • 1
  1. 1.National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG)Helwan, CairoEgypt

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