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Special Lagrangian Submanifolds with Isolated Conical Singularities. IV. Desingularization, Obstructions and Families

  • Dominic Joyce


This is the fourth in a series of five papers studying special Lagrangian submanifolds(SLV m-folds) X in (almost) Calabi–Yau m-foldsM with singularities x1,..., x n locally modelled on special Lagrangian conesC1,..., C n in ℂm with isolated singularities at 0. Readers are advised to begin with Paper V.

Paper III and this one construct desingularizations of X, realizing X as a limitof a family of compact, nonsingular SL m-folds Ct in M for small t > 0. Suppose L1,..., L n are Asymptotically Conical SL m-folds in ℂm, withL i asymptotic to the cone C i at infinity. We shrink L i by a small t > 0, and gluetL i into X at x i for i= 1,..., n to get a 1-parameter family of compact, nonsingularLagrangianm-folds N t for small t> 0.

Then we show using analysis that when t is sufficiently small we can deform N t toa compact, nonsingular special Lagrangianm-fold Ct, via a small Hamiltonian deformation. This Ct depends smoothly on t, and as t→ 0 it converges to the singular SL m-fold X, in the sense of currents.

Paper III studied simpler cases, where by topological conditions on X and L i we avoid obstructions to the existence of Ct. This paper considers more complex cases when theseobstructions are nontrivial, and also desingularization in families of almost Calabi–Yaum-folds M s for sF, rather than in a single almost Calabi–Yau m-fold M.

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Dominic Joyce
    • 1
  1. 1.Lincoln CollegeOxfordU.K.

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