General Relativity and Gravitation

, Volume 30, Issue 6, pp 933–961 | Cite as

A Brief Guide to Variations in Teleparallel Gauge Theories of Gravity and the Kaniel-Itin Model

  • Uwe Muench
  • Frank Gronwald
  • Friedrich W. Hehl


Recently Kaniel and Itin proposed a gravitational model with the wave type equation \(\left[ { + \lambda \left( x \right)} \right]\vartheta ^\alpha = 0\) as vacuum field equation, where \(\vartheta ^\alpha\) denotes the coframe of spacetime. They found that the viable Yilmaz-Rosen metric is an exact solution of the tracefree part of their field equation. This model belongs to the teleparallelism class of gravitational gauge theories. Of decisive importance for the evaluation of the Kaniel-Itin model is the question whether the variation of the coframe commutes with the Hodge star. We find a master formula for this commutator and rectify some corresponding mistakes in the literature. Then we turn to a detailed discussion of the Kaniel-Itin model.



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  • Uwe Muench
  • Frank Gronwald
  • Friedrich W. Hehl

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