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Agro-morphological diversity scenario in upland rice germplasm of Jeypore tract

  • Bhaskar Chandra Patra
  • Sudhi Ranjan Dhua


The Jeypore tract of Orissa is one of the secondary centers of origin of cultivated rice. Recent exploration to that tract has resulted in a collection of 120 accessions of upland rice germplasm. They have been conserved in both National active collection and base collection centres for further utilisation as and when it will be required. Also a historical perspective on the genetical diversity of rice germplasm of the region has been highlighted. The characterization data revealed enormous morphological as well as agronomical variability among the landraces.

Collection Germplasm Jeypore tract Oryza sativa Linn. Upland rice 


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  • Bhaskar Chandra Patra
    • 1
  • Sudhi Ranjan Dhua
    • 1
  1. 1.CuttackIndia

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