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Magnitude of Pesticidal Contamination in Winter Vegetables from Hisar, Haryana


Monitoring of 80 winter vegetable samples during 1997–1998 for pesticidal contamination was carried out on GC-ECD and GC-NPD systems with capillary columns following multiresidueanalytical technique. The tested samples were found 100%contaminated with low but measurable amounts of pesticideresidues. Among the four major chemical groups, residue levels oforganophosphorous insecticides were highest followed bycarbamates, synthetic pyrethroids and organochlorines. About 32%of the samples showed contamination with organophosphorous andcarbamate insecticides above their respective MRL values. On thebasis of observations made in these studies, it is suggested thatmore extensive monitoring studies covering all vegetable cropsfrom different agro-climatic regions of the state be carried outto know exact level of pesticidal contamination, which may serveas basis for future policy on chemical use.

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