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Effects of Endometriomas on Ooccyte Quality, Embryo Quality, and Pregnancy Rates in In Vitro Fertilization Cycles: A Prospective, Case-Controlled Study


Purpose: The effect of endometriomas on oocyte quality, embryo quality, and pregnancy rates in in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles was evaluated.

Methods: Forty-five women had “chocolate” cysts aspirated at the time of oocyte retrieval, and cyst fluid CA 125 levels were measured to ascertain presence of “true” endometriomas. Fifty-seven women without any complex cysts at the time of oocyte retrieval served as controls. IVF cycle outcome parameters were compared between the two groups.

Results: Women with endometriomas experienced a significantly higher rate of early pregnancy loss compared to controls (47 vs 14%). There was also a trend toward fewer oocytes retrieved and fewer embryos reaching at least the four-cell stage 48 hr after retrieval in patients with true endometriomas vs controls.

Conclusions: The presence of endometriomas at the time of oocyte retrieval is associated with increased rates of early pregnancy losses. The number of oocytes retrieved and the embryo quality may also be affected adversely in the presence of endometriomas.

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