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Is There a Unified Description of Conductivity of Layered Cuprates ?


We present a novel approach to the analysis of the normal state in-plane \(\sigma _{ab} \) and out-of-plane σc conductivities of anisotropic layered crystals such as oxygen deficient YBa 2 Cu 3 O x . It can be shown that the resistive anisotropy is determined by the ratio of the phase coherence lengths in the respective directions; i.e., \(\sigma _{ab} /\sigma _c = \ell _{ab}^2 /\ell _c^2 \). From the idea that at all doping levels and temperatures T the out-of-plane transport in these crystals is incoherent, follows that \(\ell _c \) is T-independent, equal to the spacing \(\ell _0 \) between the neighboring bilayers. Thus, the T-dependence of \(\ell _{ab} \) is given by the measured anisotropy, and \(\sigma _{ab} (\ell _{ab} )\) dependence is obtained by plotting \(\sigma _{ab} {\text{ }}vs{\text{ }}\ell = {\text{ (}}\sigma _{ab} /\sigma _c )^{1/2} \ell _0 \).The analysis of several single crystals of YBa 2 Cu 3 O x (6.35 < x < 6.93) shows that for all of them \(\sigma _{ab} (\ell ) \) is described by a universal dependence \(\sigma _{ab} /\overline \sigma = f(\ell /\overline \ell ) \) with doping dependent parameters \(\overline \sigma {\text{ }}and{\text{ }}\overline \ell \).

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Almasan, C.C., Cimpoiasu, E., Levin, G.A. et al. Is There a Unified Description of Conductivity of Layered Cuprates ?. Journal of Low Temperature Physics 117, 1307–1311 (1999).

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