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Detection of the Increment of an Instantaneous Phase in a Long-Base Laser Meter of Small Vibrations


A phase meter for processing signals of a laser meter of small displacements and vibrations at long base distances is described. Vibrations of objects are transformed into small increments of a signal phase at an RF carrier, which are detected by the phase meter and are outputted as signals proportional to microvibrations in the acoustic range. At a given carrier frequency f c = 10.7 MHz, vibrations are detected within a band Δf = 3 kHz. Such vibrations produce phase fluctuations of ≤Δϕ ≈ 10–42π, which correspond to magnitudes of ∼1 nm for a laser wavelength λ ≈ 10 μm.

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Vasil'ev, V.A., Zhmud', V.A., Il'yanovich, Y.N. et al. Detection of the Increment of an Instantaneous Phase in a Long-Base Laser Meter of Small Vibrations. Instruments and Experimental Techniques 45, 526–529 (2002).

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Carrier Frequency
  • Laser Wavelength
  • Small Displacement
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