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Application of new unsymmetrical chiral Mn(III), Co(II,III) and Ti(IV) salen complexes in enantioselective catalytic reactions


New unsymmetrical chiral salen complexes were synthesized and the efficiency of Mn(III), Ti(IV), Co(II) and Co(III) type catalysts were examined in the enantioselective epoxidation of styrene and α‐methylstyrene, the trimethylsilylcyanation of benzaldehyde, the borohydride reduction of aromatic ketones and asymmetric hydrolysis of epoxides to diols, respectively. A very high level of enantioselectivity was attainable over the unsymmetrical chiral salen complexes prepared mainly from salicylaldehyde and 2‐formyl‐4,6‐di‐tert‐butylphenol derivatives. Enantiomeric excess of the corresponding reaction product obtained using unsymmetrical chiral salen catalysts was generally higher than that over conventional symmetric chiral salen catalysts.

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Kim, G., Shin, J. Application of new unsymmetrical chiral Mn(III), Co(II,III) and Ti(IV) salen complexes in enantioselective catalytic reactions. Catalysis Letters 63, 83–90 (1999).

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  • unsymmetrical chiral salen
  • epoxidation
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  • hydrolysis
  • trimethylsilylcyanation
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