Foundations of Physics

, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp 601–609 | Cite as

Spontaneously Emitting Atom in Front of a Two-Slit Interferometer

  • Władysław Żakowicz
  • Arkadiusz Orłowski


A fully quantum-mechanical description of the spontaneous emission from an excited two-level atom placed in front of a two-slit interferometer is given. Global modes of the electromagnetic field in a two slit system are derived within the Kirchhoff-Huygens diffraction approximation, serving as a base for the field quantization. The standard Fermi's golden rule, supplemented by a factor coming from the nontrivial mode structure caused by the presence of the two-slit interferometer, is used to show that interference results from the position-dependent coupling between the atom and different field modes of the system.


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  • Władysław Żakowicz
  • Arkadiusz Orłowski

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