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Preparation of Al2TiO5 from alkoxides and the effects of additives on its properties



Al2TiO5 was prepared by the sol-gel method from alkoxides and its mechanical and thermal properties measured. The prepared Al2TiO5 powder was very fine and had a narrow particle-size distribution. The addition of mullite and Al2O3 to the prepared Al2TiO5 inhibited the grain growth during sintering, resulting in a decrease of microcracking and an increase of fracture strength. Al2TiO5/mullite composite exhibited a higher fracture strength than Al2TiO5/alumina composite. The thermal expansion coefficient of Al2TiO5 increased with the addition of mullite and alumina, and also increased with temperature up to 1000°C; however, it decreased in the temperature range between 1000 and 1200°C during heating, due to decomposition of Al2TiO5. The addition of mullite inhibited the decomposition of Al2TiO5, but the addition of Al2O3 accelerated it. Al2TiO5 prepared from metal alkoxides was also more stable than that prepared from the commercial alumina and titania powders.


Thermal Expansion Alkoxide Titania Powder Metal Alkoxide Alumina Composite 


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