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Pine Resin and Biopin Ointment: Immunotoxic and Allergenic Activity


We studied properties of ointment Biopin containing pine resin and used for the therapy of burns, wounds, and purulent and inflammatory diseases. Long-term treatment with this preparation in clinical doses had no effect on the nonspecific, but modulated the specific immune response. Biopin ointment inhibited humoral, but stimulated cell immunity. Neither local irritation, nor allergic reactions were found after long-term epicutaneous application of the preparation.

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Simbirtsev, A.S., Konusova, V.G., Mchedlidze, G.S. et al. Pine Resin and Biopin Ointment: Immunotoxic and Allergenic Activity. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 133, 384–385 (2002).

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  • pine resin
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