Automatic inspection for phase-shift reflection defects in aluminum web production


Industrial inspection problems usually require specific and highly complex solutions that can be implemented at a reasonable cost, what has produced a great research and development effort in the field of computer vision. Among these problems, inspection systems for continuous feed production (named as “web-inspection”), are those that raise the main challenges for the researchers exceeding the current systems capacity. Manual inspection, that is still being used in many cases, does not allow to reach detection guarantees, accuracy, robustness and a high volume that are required in web-based manufacturing.

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Torres, F., Jiménez, L.M., Candelas, F.A. et al. Automatic inspection for phase-shift reflection defects in aluminum web production. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 13, 151–156 (2002).

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  • Automatic inspection
  • computer vision
  • web-based manufacturing
  • aluminum production
  • phace-shift reflection defects