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“What people want, where people live”: New housing policy in the Netherlands


The policy document “What people want, wherepeople live” outlines Dutch housing policy forthe coming decade, and gives a glimpse of theyears beyond. The policy document paints a broadbrush picture of the social, economic and administrativedevelopments in recent years. It is recognisedthat five core policy tasks are important toDutch housing policy in the years ahead:increasing the options for the citizens whilegiving due regard to social constraints,creating opportunities for people in vulnerablesituations, housing combined with tailor-madecare, improving the quality of urban life andmeeting the desire for a greener residentialenvironment. The policy document presents an administrativemodel for meeting these challenges. The role ofthe housing associations is also addressed.

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  2. What people want, where people live: Housing in the 21st century (2001) Summary VROM 23092/211

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  • administrative model
  • green residential environment
  • housing and care
  • housing associations
  • housing policy in the Netherlands
  • options for the general public
  • quality of urban life
  • residents in vulnerable positions
  • strengthening the position of residents