Improving Design and Fault Detection in Linear and Nonlinear High Frequency Circuits by Performing a Sensitivity Based Analysis


The rapid growth of wirelesscommunication has led to an increasing demand forreliable and high performance RF products. Oneway of achieving high reliability andperformances is having an efficient testprocedure. Considering the complexity of analogtesting and the high frequency constraints,testing RF circuits introduces a new challenge tothe test community. In this paper, a test methodfor RF circuits is presented. This test methoddivides RF circuits between linear and nonlinearcircuits. It helps perform a quick and efficienttest with a limited number of test vectors. Byusing this method the design engineer candetermine parameters influencing the circuitperformances and the best topology that can beused to improve these performances. On the otherhand, it helps a test engineer to plan his teststrategy and to predict which elements can beisolated by a given test set.

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