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National Study of Women with Physical Disabilities: Final Report


The final report of the National Study on Women with Disabilities provides an overview of the research conducted from 1992 to 1996 at the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities. The report addresses the methodologies used in the recruitment of women and reviews the various analyses conducted on the data. In addition, the report provides a discussion of recruitment techniques used for nondisabled women and the analysis used for this population as well. It provides a summary of findings in the areas of sense of self, relationships, information about sexuality, sexual functioning, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, abuse, chronic conditions, health maintenance behaviors, gynecologic health, and health care utilization.

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Nosek, M.A., Howland, C., Rintala, D.H. et al. National Study of Women with Physical Disabilities: Final Report. Sexuality and Disability 19, 5–40 (2001).

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  • women
  • physical disabilities
  • sexuality
  • cancer screening
  • pregnancy