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Progress in the Development of Alternative Pharmaceutical Formulations of Taxanes

  • Bastiaan Nuijen
  • Marjan Bouma
  • Jan H.M. Schellens
  • Jos H. Beijnen


The currently available taxanes paclitaxel(Taxol®) and docetaxel(Taxotere®) are clinically effectiveagainst advanced breast, ovarian andnon-small cell lung cancer. Due to theirlow aqueous solubility, both taxanes poseddifficulties to the pharmaceuticalscientists with respect to the developmentof an intravenous dosage form. At present,paclitaxel is formulated in a mixture of50:50% (v/v) Cremophor EL and dehydratedethanol. However, this formulation vehicleis associated with a number ofpharmacological, pharmacokinetic andpharmaceutical concerns amongst whichserious hypersensitivity reactions. Thisreview deals with the attempts made intothe development of alternative dosage formsof paclitaxel devoid of the CremophorEL/ethanol excipients and potential futuretaxane formulations.

taxanes paclitaxel docetaxel alternative formulation co-solvents surfactants emulsions micro-encapsulation systems liposomes cyclodextrines prodrugs 


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  • Bastiaan Nuijen
    • 1
  • Marjan Bouma
    • 1
  • Jan H.M. Schellens
    • 1
  • Jos H. Beijnen
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  1. 1.Department of Pharmacy and PharmacologySlotervaart Hospital/The Netherlands Cancer InstituteAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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