New Technology for Reducing Operational Costs


A wide range of innovative techniques are currently being developed to tackle access network operations and maintenance. These include both addressing the operational requirements of new technology and driving up the profitability and quality of service associated with existing networks and services. A number of such techniques are discussed, all focused on delivering improved quality of service to customers at a similar, or lower, cost than current solutions achieve. The sheer scale of the access network, which can account for the majority of a telco's cost base, makes the potential benefits from these techniques enormous. An appreciation of the diversity, innovation and business benefit being achieved from current developments in the field of access operations and maintenance is given.

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Trigger, J.P., Cameron, A.F. New Technology for Reducing Operational Costs. BT Technology Journal 16, 152–164 (1998).

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  • Information System
  • Communication Network
  • User Interface
  • Potential Benefit
  • Operational Cost