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True Nature: A Theory of Human Sexual Evolution. Part 1

  • Published:
Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association


There exists an unfounded and unproven ‘common sense’ belief that human beings possess the innate mechanistic urge to reproduce clearly evident in the behavior of all other sexually reproducing animals. As such, the heterosexual component of human behavior is by and large viewed as being genetic, whereas it is homosexuality that is primarily the focus of scientific investigations into human sexual orientation. A historical review of homosexuality in diverse cultures reveals that significantly many cultures have existed where (male) bisexuality has been rather universal and that all cultures have condemned exclusive homosexuality, either legally or with the threat of social rejection. Neither of these facts can be rationalized using the ballpark ‘10%’ statistic for homosexuality believed to be representative of human beings. This paper will attempt to provide a general underlying explanation for human sexuality as a whole. It will be argued that the varied forms of human sexual expression may be explained to some extent with the view that by virtue of their supreme intelligence, human beings do not possess an instinct to engage in heterosexual intercourse, human sexual orientation is fully determined by environment alone, and that due to rather universal childhood behavioral tendencies, human beings have a bias for acquiring a homosexual orientation over a heterosexual one or a bisexual one. Controlling this dominant homosexual tendency has always been a basic requirement for the propagation of societies.

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