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Self-assembly in transition metal complexes: structural characterization of a copper histamine nitrate [Cu(II)(him)2(NO3)2]


A new monomeric copper (II) complex with histamine (him), [Cu(II)(him)2(No3)2], has been prepared by the reaction of Cu(NO3)2 with histaminium dichloride and its structure was determined by x-ray crystallography. The complex crystallizes in the triclinic system, space group \(P\bar 1\) with a = 5.7238(4), b = 8.7094(7), c = 9.2481(11) Å, α = 69.693(8), β = 73.242(7), γ = 71.050(7)°, V = 400.84(6) Å3, and Z = 1. The structure consists of discrete [Cu(II)(him)2(NO3)2] molecules in which the metal atom is centrosymmetrically coordinated by two histamine ligands forming an equatorial plane with Cu–N(imidazole ring) being 2.032(2) and Cu–N(NH2 group) being 2.023(2) Å. Two O atoms from nitrate anions coordinate on the elongated axial positions with Cu–O being 2.549(2) Å. In the crystal structure, the molecules are organized by hydrogen bonds forming a two-dimensional network.

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Zhang, CG., Duan, CY., Hu, Q. et al. Self-assembly in transition metal complexes: structural characterization of a copper histamine nitrate [Cu(II)(him)2(NO3)2]. Journal of Chemical Crystallography 29, 1153–1155 (1999).

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